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Saturday, 5 November 2011

[TRANS] Lee Min Jung and Im Seoul Ong as a couple in 'Dosirak'

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Lee Min Jung and 2AM member Im Seul Ong’s onscreen chemistry moved the viewers.

On 2nd November, MBC TV one-off drama 'Dosirak' was under the spotlight due to the delay of the Wednesday, Thursday drama 'I Am A Flower Too'*. In 'Dosirak', Lee Min Jung, Im Seul Ong, Cha Hwa Yeon* and Bae Han Sung* played characters with their individual stories at the Min Kang Yeok* train station.

Train station officer Su Cheol* (played by Im Seul Ong) leads a lonely life as the only youngster living within a 100 kilometers radius. One day he met a unique girl Hee Yeong* (portrayed by Lee Min Jung) who drinks her liquor through a straw from a mineral water bottle. Hee Yeong had come back to Min Kang Yeok Station, a place filled with good memories of her ex-boyfriend, to reminisce about the decay of the graffiti “Hee Yeong + Kyu Seok”* which they wrote back then.

Despite being rejected countless times by Hee Yeong, Su Cheol refuses to give up and continues to follow her around. His persistence finally paid off and moved Hee Yeong. Im Seul Ong’s portrayal of the innocent train station officer and Lee Min Jung’s portrayal of the tough and chic girl left a huge impression on the viewers.

Some of the comments from the viewers were “This is so heartwarming”, “Im Seul Ong’s expressions are so comical”, etc.

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