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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Supreme Team’s E-Sens to halt activities after admitting he smoked marijuana

In a shocking turn of events, Supreme Team‘s E-Sens has admitted to smoking marijuana multiple times over the course of this year. Consequently, he will temporarily halt all activities.
On November 2nd, E-Sens and his agency, Amoeba Culture, held a press conference with reporters, where E-Sens acknowledged that he’d been under police investigation for alleged use of marijuana.
“Supreme Team, including E-Sens, has always worked hard to promote healthy music with the right attitude to bring themselves closer to the public,” Amoeba Culture said at the press conference. “As E-Sens’ management company, we deeply apologize for not taking care of our artists.”
“We will face the task of carrying any blame and responsibility for this incident, and we will continue to support E-Sens with his health and personal problems during his time away from the industry so that he can come back successfully.”
The police investigation into E-Sens’ drug use has already concluded, and the press conference was held as a way to inform the public. The investigation lasted from September to late October, and E-Sens’ test results returned positive.
According to the police, E-Sens had smoked marijuana several times since a year ago, receiving the drug from people around him. During the course of the investigation, E-Sens came clean and admitted that he did use the drug.
Supreme Team, which is comprised of E-Sens and Simon D, is one of Korea’s premier hip-hop groups, who’ve accrued a string of hits including “Super Magic” since their debut in 2009.
Source + Image: Star News
credit: allkpop

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