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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lee Hyori donates $87,000 USD towards animal rights

Just days after going public about her relationship with songwriter and fellow animal rights activist Lee Sang Soon, singer Lee Hyori reportedly donated 100,000,000 won (~$86,670.10) towards animal rights, drawing much attention from the public.

Through a press release on November 28th, the Animal Rights Coalition stated, “On the evening of November 25th, Lee Hyori attended an evening event with her companion Soonshim at the Animal Rights Coalition Nursery Establishment along with 130 other guests to discuss ways of animal protection.”

They added, “While talking about the poor conditions of animal shelters in the country, Lee Hyori, who periodically serves at these shelters, privately donated 100,000,000 won towards the Animal Rights Coalition before the event even began, and this fact was made known by the end of the event.”

Also, “With this donation, the Animal Rights Coalition is considering to construct a ‘Lee Hyori Home’, which we are planning to utilize so that many animals will be able to receive protection, treatment, care, and eventually adopted from the ‘Lee Hyori Home’.”

Source: OSEN via Naver


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