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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Kim Hyung Jun draws a huge welcoming party at Japanese airport

Singer Kim Hyung Jun‘s popularity in Japan is becoming a hot topic back home.
Kim Hyung Jun was scheduled to perform at Yokohama Pacific Hall on November 26th at a OST concert for the drama, ‘Lie to Me
When the singer stepped through the airport gates in Japan, he was greeted by a huge welcoming party, who screamed and cheered wildly for the SS501 star. Kim Hyung Jun’s Japanese fans had prepared signs that read,  ’Kang Min jjang!‘, ‘I love you‘, ‘Transformed into top star Kang Min! The best!‘, ‘I love you Kang Min!!

‘Kang Min’ is the character that Kim Hyung Jun is currently playing in his new KBS mini-series, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘.

Kim Hyung Jun bowed to his fans, who had been waiting since the early dawn. Like a true top star, he showed everyone a bright smile and waved to the crowd until he exited the airport.

Source & Photo: Naver

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