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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kim Hyun Joong talks about his drinking games

Singer Kim Hyun Joong opened up about his drinking habits on the latest episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.
On November 1st, he revealed that it wasn’t easy for him to get close with his agency family members, but eventually, they got more comfortable with each other after a few drinks. When they go overseas, fans usually crowd the hotel lobby, so a lot of times they drink wine in their rooms together.
One time we were bored, so we agreed that the first person to get drunk would have to face penalties. Thankfully, the others got drunk before I did,” he said.
Kim Hyun Joong continued, “We usually draw on the drunk person’s face. I didn’t think any of them had it in them, but everyone enthusiastically drew all sorts of thing.
‘Strong Heart’ then revealed the photos taken of the drunken individuals with drawings all over their faces. The photos were so shocking that it immediately caused the entire set to howl with laughter. Unfortunately, there weren’t any photos of Kim Hyun Joong himself, which proved that he’s always one of the last to get drunk.
I have be careful not to ever get drunk with these people. They may take a photo of me looking so horrible, which might cause me to retire early,” he joked.
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop

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