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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Jay Park talks about the influence his mom had on his career

Jay Park revealed that he’s the star he is today because of his supportive family.
On November 10th’s episode of tvN‘s ‘Talk Show Taxi’, Jay Park revealed his honest thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from his journey to Korea to become a trainee, his time as the leader of 2PM, and his current solo career.
Jay revealed that although he had liked to dance and rap, he previously had no intention of becoming a singer. Seeing his talent, his mom had been the one who encouraged him to audition. He stated, “It’s all thanks to my mom that I’m currently active as a singer.”

He continued, “My family was the driving force behind my ability to withstand those harsh trainee days. I thought that if I just gave up and went back to the U.S., I’d be embarrassed in front of my mom and myself.”

Although he possesses the looks and the body that many are jealous of, Jay revealed that his height was one of his complexes. “I’m jealous of those who are tall,” he said.

Source + Photo: Star News

credit: allkpop

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