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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Boss reveals ‘making-of video’ from “Lady” jacket shoot

On November 1st, The Boss shared a making-of video from the set of their “Lady” album jacket shoot.
In the video, Hyunmin cracks his voice while trying to sing, but defends himself hotly by saying he practiced a lot and so his voice was practically gone. Later, he talks about his admiration for Im Jae Bum because they both have husky voices. “I seriously cried (hearing him sing). I thought, ‘wow this kind of voice is so charming’,” he said.
At one point, leader Mika finds a hole in the ground and tells Jay that it belongs to a snake. “A snake is going to come out. During the day the snake isn’t very active, but at night they will slither out one by one”.
Check out their other hilarious antics in the video below:
credit: allkpop

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