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Saturday, 29 October 2011

ZE:A To Bring 200 Lucky Fans For A Movie

The group ZE:A held a special event for 200 lucky fans!

ZE:A invited around 200 fans to watch the movie "The Kick" at Apgujeong CGV on the 31st. The boys felt bad as they knew their promotions were disappointing. They want to make up with fans through this special event. The boys rented out a part of the theater especially for the event so that fans could sit with them and enjoy the movie.

"The Kick" was filmed by ONg Bak’s director Prachya Pinkaew. The movie is about the dangers a Tae Kwon Do family faces while trying to find the ‘legendary sword’.

Star Empire stated, “ZE:A is currently busy preparing for their new album on top of promoting overseas. Despite their hectic schedule, they ask us make an event so they can spend time with the fans. This movie-watching event was planned for this purpose and they said that they want to see the fans and the members enjoy the time."

ZE:A will release their new single “Daily Daily” on this coming 22nd and start their promotion.

Source: Star News
Written by: jhezwafu

credit: dkpopnews

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