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Monday, 31 October 2011

SNSD’s YoonA & Taeyeon get criticized by netizens for “unprofessional behavior”

SNSD‘s YoonA and Taeyeon are becoming a ‘hot issue’ due to their behavior during an American interview.
SNSD was recently interviewed by ‘MTV IGGY’ at the MTV building in New York’s iconic Times Square. While Tiffany and Jessica wowed netizens back home with their fluent English, their groupmates YoonA and Taeyeon have been receiving some flak.
During the interview, YoonA and Taeyeon were both seen with what Korean media outlets are calling “dark expressions”. While the others laughed and smiled, the two looked morose and worn out. Taeyeon was even caught on screen with her chin in her hands, looking somewhat bored.
Netizens are criticizing the girls on their behavior, saying things like, “As Korea’s cultural representatives, shouldn’t they put their best face forward?”, I’m a little disappointed… even if they’re tired, this is an important Hallyu moment”, and “Very unprofessional.”
Others rallied to YoonA and Taeyeon’s side, arguing that the girls had been suffering from a cold that resulted from their busy schedules.
Are K-netizens overreacting, or is there a grain of truth in their arguments? Toss us your thoughts below.
Source + Image: Naver
credit: allkpop

admin: they have a really strict culture about manner. In certain country, that kind of behavior was like nothing or normal~

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