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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Park Hanbyul withdraws from cast of "Jinhwang's Love"

We previously reported that actress Park Hanbyul had joined the cast of upcoming drama "Jinhwang's Love", taking on a lead role alongside actor Lee Joohyun.

However, Park Hanbyul, who was recently cast by MBN for her first sitcom, recently withdrew from the cast of "Jinhwang's Love" due to scheduling conflicts that arose. "Jinhwang's Love" was slated to begin filming in September 2011; however, as Park Hanbyul has withdrawn from the cast, filming has not yet commenced, and the drama's production crew will spend time searching for an actress to take on the role.

It is currently unknown whether actor Lee Joohyun will stay on as a lead role for the drama. A representative from his agency stated that they are unsure what Lee Joohyun will do at this time, choosing to wait until after the production crew casts the new lead female role to make his decision.

"Jinhwang's Love", anticipated to make a huge impact on the direction of the Hallyu Wave, has been in its planning stages for 4 years now. Backed by both a Chinese company and a Korean production company, the fantasy melodrama will run for 20 episodes.

Source: My Daily

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