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Monday, 31 October 2011

Moon Hee Jun reveals secrets on how idols used to date in the past

Former H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun took a stroll down memory lane recently and revealed how he went on dates during his idol days.
On the upcoming episode of OBS‘s ‘Kim Gura and Moon Hee Jun’s Gossip Girl‘, Moon Hee Jun said that he used to go on dates in vans during his H.O.T. days. “These days, idols can publicly go on dates; in the past, however, we couldn’t do that… we mainly enjoyed our dates inside vans,” he said.
But why vans? Moon Hee Jun explained, “The van is ideal because we could avoid the public’s eye, and we could also order sweet and sour pork from there as well. It was a nice place to spend a date…”
He continued, “There are three premises for idol dating rumors to spread. When two people are in contact with each other, dating rumors spread. Of course, dating rumors also come up that are baseless and have no evidence. The last case is when two people try to convey their feelings of sympathy to one another through stares. This last instance is the most unfortunate.”
In response, ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee – who made an appearance on the show — said, “Although, [idols] used to date secretly in the past, they can now enjoy dates in the public’s eye… The only difference between the past and present is that four to five people go on secret group dates now.”
Source: My Daily via Naver News
credit: allkpop

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