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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Goo Hye Sun eating dried octopus during a live pro-baseball gains attention!
Goo Hye Sun was recently spotted making a comical expression on live television!

On October 29th, Goo Hye Sun threw the opening pitch for the 2011 Pro-Baseball Korea Series game between SK and Samsung.  She was seen wearing the home team’s uniform (SK).  Even after her pitch, she stuck around to watch the game from the sidelines.

However, what really made news yesterday wasn’t about her pitch, but about her candid moment on camera! While the game was broadcasting live on television, the camera caught a glimpse of Goo Hye Sun ferociously chewing on a dried octopus leg. Fans and spectators alike were unable to hold their laughter at the actress’ unexpected and funny behavior.

Previously, Goo Hye Sun had tweeted, “Octopus legs are always clenched in my hand,” and her short moment on camera made it clear that her love for the unusual snack would not be changing anytime soon.
Netizens who saw the broadcast left comments like, “The cameraman must be an anti-fan“, “Today’s highlight of the game“, and “It’s good to see your easygoing style“.

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate, Xsports News
Translated by: AKP

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