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Monday, 24 October 2011

CNBLUE Release Events Gathered 14,000 Fans

CNBLUE held release event at Yomiuri Land East Open Theater!
Gathered around 14,000 audiences, exceptional as new artists!

CNBLUE released their debut single “In My Head” on Wednesday 19th October. And on Sunday 23rd October, they held a live event at Yomiuri Land East Open Theater.

This event, in which only the fortunate fans could participate as they were chosen out of all the CD buyers by lottery (lucky draw). The events was held in four sessions in two days. The previous day, Saturday 22nd October, two events were held in Osaka. For those two days in total, they have gathered about 14,000 fans to all four events.

The live concert started with “Man in Front of the Mirror” at the venue packed with lucky fans that were chosen through the lottery.

YongHwa (vocal & guitar): “(Finally) we could have our major debut, thanks to you all! We want you to listen to our new song!”

He greeted the fans and unveiled “Mr.KIA (Know It All)” and “Rain of Blessing” for the first time, those tracks are included in the major debut single album.

“Mr.KIA (Know It All)” is a cynical track, written and composed by YongHwa.

“Rain of Blessing” is a lyrical ballad track, composed by JongHyun (guitar & vocal).

The venue gradually got heated up.

Then as soon as the intro of the long-awaited debut single “In My Head” started, the fans cheer reached the maximum!! It was wrapped in such a large chorus in the fine weather of autumn sky.

After finishing their live performance of all the 6 tracks (excluding the encore), including three new tracks in their major debut single “In My Head”, the talk session gave the audience the glimpse of CNBLUE members’ real face and they also talked about the roots of music for each member’s music life.

Their roots of the music life are:

JungShin (Bass): MR.BIG, JongHyun (Guitar & Vocal): Eric Clapton, YongHwa (Vocal & Guitar): BON JOVI, and MinHyuk (Drums): Maroon 5. Each member’s personality can be seen in their choice of music.

When the MC asked them further about their enthusiasm for major debut,each member replied;

JungShin: “I’m filled with deep emotion.”

JongHyun: “Without being different from what we have done so far, we will become a band which can respond by our music.”

YongHwa: “We’ll do our best! Please keep supporting us!!”

MinHyuk: “It’s the day of our new departure, and also it’s the prologue of us. We’ll do our best!!”

The messages from CNBLUE unified audiences at the venue. At the end of the live & talk show, there was a lottery of signed posters from CNBLUE. The event ended very successfully.

Set List

1. Man in front of the Mirror
2. Coward
3. Illusion
4. Mr.KIA(Know It All)
5. Rain of Blessing
6. In My Head
1. Try again, Smile again
Translated by: CNBLove @ cnbluestorm
Edited by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

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