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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

300 Vehicles gather for JYJ's Japan Concert an unheard of phenomenon

JYJ’s solo concert JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan 2011 was held over the two days of the 15th and 16th in Hitachi Park of Japan’s Irabaki Hyun. This concert has evoked among the Japanese fans a culture of providing [mass] rides and so is becoming a hot issue.

In the case of Korea, it is common that the fans transport themselves through the means of mass-rides when an entertainer performs in Seoul or a location other than Seoul. However, in Japan the culture of providing mass rides cannot be found. However, in the case of this concert, about 300 vehicles gathered in the concert venue and so attracted all eyes.

Further, they also gathered attention by plastering each bus with JYJ. They put clothes on the panels of JYJ and made unique banners to heighten the atmosphere immediately prior to the concert. In this concert in Japan lasting two days, 80,000 fans gathered and due to the vehicles that gathered from all over, the traffic of the whole area became paralyzed.

In the concert of this day JYJ relayed: “We are very moved to be able to meet with the fans of Japan. In truth when we said that we will perform in an outdoors park in an area affected by the earthquakes, there were some concerned responses. But, in order to meet with the fans of Japan, we did not wish to let this opportunity go. We felt your love today in this place and through it we gained even greater courage.”

Source: ENews24
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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