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Monday, 17 October 2011

2NE1 Choose Japanese FanClub Name + Logo

[Fan club name & open date decided!]

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for the fan club name and logo design submissions! We truly received a lot of wonderful ideas, and today, we’re going to announce the fan club name and open date!

The name is “BLACKJACK NOLZA”!!!
It will be open on November 16th at 4pm!

For those who like 2NE1’s songs, fashion, and lifestyle, want to see the sides of the girls that only fan club members can see, get advance presale tickets for concerts, attend fan club events, and NOLZA to the fullest with 2NE1, please please join “BLACKJACK NOLZA”!

We will reveal the logo design on 2NE1’s official site, so be sure to check it!

Official Fanclub Logo
Note: It is unclear at this time whether non-Japanese residents will be permitted to register for 2NE1's Japanese fanclub. If past avex kpop fanclubs are any indication, its doubtful.
Source: 2NE1 Official Site News ,
Translated by Superior Music

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