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Friday, 28 October 2011

111027 JYJ Massive Twitter Update ^O^

Junsu can’t pick from his menu:

JS: What shall I eat….??


JS: Something is….


Meanwhile, Yoochun needs a girl:

YC: I want to make a girl of mine…. Should I take on blind dates??

JJ to YC: I’ll introduce her to you^^ A girl you can break up with immediately after one week

YC to JJ: Hmm~~~ As for that, I’d have to see her first ^_^ Please introduce her to me~~~

JJ to YC: If it’s you, there’s a chance that you may be able to break up within just two hours… lol
YC to JJ: When you put it like that, I become so curious~ What kind of a woman is she^^!!!!

JJ to YC: Her name is Seol In Soon [T/N: A spin-off of Seol In Ja, the famous snow woman girlfriend of Yoochun]

YC to JJ: But I’m the one to be kicked to the curve, right?? Lolol Yeah yeah… just where would there be a girl who’d like me.

Junsu butts in XD:

JS to YC: Hey are you being introduced someone?


YC to JS: Get lost~~~~

JJ to JS: Chwet [T/N: Children and some adults say ‘chi’ when they pout to express annoyance or mild anger. Chwet is an internet version of chi.]

YC to JS: It’s that you didn’t want to have dinner with us… You said you didn’t feel like eating, but you went on to eat on your own?????

JS to YC: Lololol

JS to JJ: Lolol

JJ: Whoa.. He even said “What shall I choose?”.. Daebak.. He didn’t come with us to eat.. (T_T)

JS to YC: ㅋㅋ Naw originally I came out just to do shopping.. But then I got too hungry.. The smell kept calling me……. (sobs)ㅜ

JJ to JS: What the.. “Smell”.. Chwet! Dae-to-the-Bak

JS to JJ: Nah there were too many restaurants on the streetsㅠ They keep on calling out to me…. ㅋ

JS: Does anyone know what building this is?? Seriously a ton of people in front of it … Perhaps a famous building?


YC to JS: Hmm~~~~What typhoid~~ [T/N: This seems to be YC’s way of saying “what the heck”.]

JS to YC: What is typhoid….. [T/N: JS is not asking about what typhoid is. He’s asking why YC brought up typhoid out of nowhere.]

YC to JS: Junsu~ Imma switch your cheekbones with your ankle bones~

JJ to JS: @mjjeje Junsu, Imma switch your ribs with your Achilles tendons.. [T/N: Jaejoong tweeted to himself, lol ^_^]

JJ to JS: Come back home quickly~

The boys are back home ^_^ 

JS to JJ: I came back, to the hotel~ Will take a shower…

YC to JS & JJ: Junsu~ Sleep well Jaejoong-hyung enjoy your walk and come back~ I’ll be alone in my room with beer..

YC: K y a h~~ So there was whisky too….

YC to @Elbowyeish: I have to drink a bit to sleep…^^ I want to drink with you, too~

JJ to YC: I came back in to the room^^

Source: @mjjeje, 0101xiahtic, @6002theMicky , @Elbowyeish
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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  1. didy ske nieh..they live a perfectly a normal life.. They freely tweet whatever they want xD LOL ^^Jaejong^^Yoochun^^Junsu^^