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Sunday, 25 September 2011

‘Running Man’, Kim Jong Gook-Song Ji Hyo were accomplices!

Running Man‘s ace Song Ji Hyo transforms into a master martial artist for a day.

On SBS TV ‘Running Man’, The 2nd part of the ‘China Special’ episode was broadcasted on the 25th.
On this episode Song Ji Hyo arrived in China secretly and she was given the task to take out the ‘Running Members’.

Song Ji Hyo was the boss of the crime syndicate that robbed the ‘Running Man’ members of their hard earned prize money.

She even wore male a warrior outfit so she wouldn’t be recognized by the ‘Running Man’ members and she was determined to take out each and every one of them. Song Ji Hyo started taking out Gary and HaHa first, then in a flash of an eye she also took out Yoo Jae Suk.

However, there was an even bigger twist to the plot. As it turned out, she had an accomplice all along. ‘Running Man’ members started distrusting each other and guest Kim Joo Hyuk ended up taking out Ji Suk Jin.

Then the real accomplice showed his face. It was another ace in the deck, Kim Jong Gook. Kim Jong Gook had been communicating with Song Ji Hyo all day long and he’s been doing his part by spreading 
misinformation among the members. In some ways, ‘Running Man’ members had no chance against such strong pair, but nonetheless it proved to be a very exciting and entertaining episode.

Image: SBS ‘Running Man’
Source: Money Today via Nate

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