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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

YG-Life Notice: Update about the single, Lonely, mini album to be released in June

On May 12th at 12AM, 2NE1's new song, Lonely, will be released along with the music video. The song is a pop slow song composed of string instruments only, such as guitars, and bass. 

A while ago, Will.I.Am who had visited the YG Building had heard "Lonely" and had commented "I thought that a drum beat was going to come out, and I waited it for it, but until the end it never came. I thought that was quite fresh.", "It seems like it'll be a huge hit."

The reason that Will.I.Am had said it was fresh, was probably because 2NE1's new song, coming back after so long, was different from what everyone had expected. Not the fast, powerful electronica music that has become the trend these days, nor was it a house genre. 

It's a 100% analogue slow song that carries ones' emotions. It also seems he had said that because there was absolutely no use of this so called "autotune".

I think that the reason that he said that he "felt like it'd be a hit" was because of the addictive melody that repeats "Lonely.. Lonely.. Lonely.."

Lonely was composed by the same producer responsible for 2NE1's hit songs, Fire, I Don't Care, Can't Nobody, Go Away, and Park Bom's Don't Cry which was released not too long ago. You can probably guess from the title alone, that the lyrics express the loneliness and solitude of love, however an interesting reversal is that they talk about being lonely even when next to the one you love.

Lonely's Promotion Plans..

We are very apologetic to all the 2NE1 fans, however, we are not planning to do broadcast activities for Lonely.
The reason is that we want to start 2NE1's broadcast activities with a song that is possible to be performed on stage.

We beg understanding for this and we plan on showing the live session of Park Bom's Don't Cry on YG ON AIR this week. Next Friday, we plan on showing the 2NE1 live session of "Lonely".

Like mentioned last time, the next new 2NE1 song will be in 3 weeks on June the 2nd. We plan on releasing 2NE1's mini album in 6 weeks on June 23rd. 

We hope that everyone will anticipate and support 2NE1's new song after 8 months, "Lonely".

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