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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rania's Joy (former "Eversense Girl") talks about Big Bang

Rania’s Joy recently expressed her disappointment in not being able to see the members of Big Bang after her debut, especially since they used to work together.

About a year ago, Rania member Joy took part in a Thai CF for “Eversense” with the members of Big Bang. In the CF, she was surrounded by the five men and received their full attention and affection.

Joy herself received a lot of headlines prior to her debut for being a ‘Big Bang Girl’ since she was one of the top 10 finalists. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a chance to meet them again since debuting last month.

She expressed, “The Big Bang seniors are so busy so there isn’t much of an opportunity for me to see them. I felt regretful that we haven’t been able to talk.”

Joy recalled some of the positive moments while filming by explaining, “Daesung was like a big brother, kind to everybody. Taeyang taught me some quick moves, thanks for that. I was worried what the fans would think of the CF at first, but they were all very kind to me.”

Source: Nate
Translation: Allkpop

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