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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy 24th Birthday Taeyang!

Taeyang Tweets a Birthday Thanks 

A few minutes later he tweeted a second message in Korean.

Translation: It is already my 24th birthday.Time really does pass swiftly. I always thanks a lot for the much love and cheering that you have given me. Miss you~ i will come back quickly after i finish the tour! Love you! ; )



Seungri Me2Day Update (110518) 

BIGBANG 태양형의 24번째 생일을 진심으로축하합니다^^ 그리고사랑합니다 -막내 승리가-

Translation:For BIGBANG Taeyang Hyung's 24th birthday, I cordially congratulate you^^ And I love you- 
From Maknae Seungri.

Translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates

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