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Saturday, 14 May 2011

G-Dragon, Shin Se Kyung, miss A’s Min were once on ‘BoBoBo’

What do Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Shin Se Kyung,and miss A’s Min have in common?
The answer to this was aired on the May 12th episode of SBS’s “One Night’s TV Entertainment” during a special corner that focused on celebrities’ pasts.

Viewers learned that G-Dragon, Shin Se Kyung, and Min were participants on “BoBoBo” (the Korean version of ‘Sesame Street’) when they were young.

Naturally, pictures were dredged up and fans saw that the idols remained virtually the same after they grew up. The young G-Dragon looked mischievous and handsome, while Shin Se Kyung and Min drew praise for their promising beauty.

Musing over the coincident, netizens wrote, ”It looks like stars are born with talent” and “‘BoBoBo’ has skills in picking out people with talent!”.

Source + Picture: TV Daily via Yahoo! Korea
Translation: ekta16 @AKP

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