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Thursday, 12 May 2011

BEAST while recording for "On a Rainy Day" shed a sea of tears

While recording their pre-released track “On a Rainy Day” every member of BEAST shed tears.

At midnight on May 12th, BEAST pre-released one of their songs on their first official album “On a Rainy Day” through several music sites.

“On a Rainy Day” is a sweet ballad which was an instant hit on the music charts as soon as it was released, receiving very good responses.
On the 12th, a company representative stated “While singing the song, the members of BEAST, drunk with emotions, all shed tears” and “The recording had to be stopped multiple times because they couldn’t hold back their tears.”

Following this they stated “We’re surprised that the responses for the pre-released song is pretty good” and “You’ll be able to see a more developed and improved BEAST”

Meanwhile, BEAST’s first official album “Fiction and Fact” that is going to be released on the 17th is armed with an impressive line-up of songs, including their title track “Fiction”.

“Fiction” is a song that is more focused on the melody and the lyrics, different from the usual BEAST songs with strong beats. The song brings out each members unique voice and through high class producing, the song was given an overall lyrical mood, upping the quality of the song.

With every album they released, BEAST has always been #1 in album sales and has been evaluated as a strong group in album sales. With the release of their first official album, people are interested to see how well the album will do. BEAST’s first official album “Fiction and Fact” will be released online and in stores on the 17th.


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