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Thursday, 19 May 2011

B1A4's Gongchan and Music Bank MC Hyun Woo's Resemblance a Hot Topic

B1A4's Maknae Gongchan and KBS Music Bank's MC Hyunwoo's resemblance created a discussion.

After Gongchan made his debut, fans discussed that he looked like the doppelganger for the 'Music Bank' MC Hyunwoo and people even posted an edited photo of them together on a Internet bulletin board, catching attention.

Following up to that, on the 13th, at the waiting room of 'Music Bank', Kim Ho Sang PD took a photo of them together which showed their resemblance and posted the picture on his twitter.

'He totally looked like 'Music Bank' MC Hyunwoo to the public. The twin which looked exactly like him was none other than B1A4's Gongchan! The staff were also shocked at the resemblance.' these discussion started from the tweet PD posted. In the picture, Gongchan and Hyunwoo's face shape, hair style, and especially their smile looks totally alike. It's like the feeling when you look into a mirror.

The photo which had Gongchan and Hyunwoo received comments from netizens like "I can't even tell who is Gongchan and who is Hyunwoo.","They really look like each other's doppelganger!","Sometimes when I watch music bank, there are times when I wanted Gongchan to be the MC."

B1A4's agency stated "Since pre-debut, we also thought that Gongchan looked a lot like Hyun woo but after seeing the picture they took together, it's just amazing. Just like that, we are receiving a lot of interest from fans. We really like to thank you guys for that."

Recently, B1A4 had their first fan sign and spent sometime with their fans. On the 21st, they will have another fan sign at 7.30pm at Kyobo Hot Tracks Yeongdeungpo branch. They will also appear on Y-star's 'LIVE POWER MUSIC' at 7.30 on the 19th, MBC 'Music core' on the 21sh and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 22nd.

Translation: 바보 Vic @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Take out with full credits to the source and translators.

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