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Monday, 23 May 2011

110522 Junsu Twitter Update

(Junsu) Leon-ah~~~~~
(Junsu) Are you doing well??^^
(Junsu) Today’s concert venue for New York!! Let’s be strong today as well, jyj!!!
(Junsu) Jaejoong hyung found out about the “sleeping out in the open at the airport” picture through the internet today… I didn’t think that something like this would be written as a news article.. reporter-nim (T/N: “nim” is a formal way of referring to someone).. I’m in trouble.. [Jaejoong] told me to be careful…… (crying sound)… I better have a iron-clad defense… what should I do?
(Junsu) Yes, in the end it’s JYJ
(Junsu) It’s really Leo!!
(Junsu) You are really cute
Arden Cho to Junsu: Do well in today’s concert too!! Hwaiting!
Junsu to Arden Cho: Thanks~^^
(Junsu) ~Upside down peek-a-boo
Source: @0101xiahtic
Trans by: @0101jyunshyu + @_withjyj
Shared by: JYJ3

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