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Thursday, 19 May 2011

110520 Music Bank Performer List

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# Comeback Stage
- BEAST [Fiction]
- Jewelry [PASS]
- Baek Ji Young [Average]

# Music Bank HOT Stage
- CN Blue [Don't Say Goodbye]
- Infinite [Can U Smile]
- Norazo [Cart Bar]

# The Vocalist
- Seo Young Eun [To My Bride]
- Eru [Countrified and Immature]

# Today Music Bank
- Spin EL [Chu Chu]
- X-5 [Don't Put On An Act]
- Rania [Dr. Feel Good]
- 5Dolls [Like This or That]
- Untouchable (ft. Oh Jin Seok) [YOU YOU]
- December [Beautiful Woman]
- Turtles [Hero]
- Sistar19 [Ma Boy]
- U-Kiss [0330]
- Heo Young Saeng [Let It Go]
- f(x) [Pinocchio (Danger)]

Show starts around 6:05pm KST (GMT +9)

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