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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

SBS E!TV StarQ10 to air "Big Bang Special"!

Many of you were probably curious about a star but it was hard to find the answers. So we’re taking questions that are detailed and fresh. This upcoming episode of “Star Q10″ will be a “Big Bang Special.”

Big Bang is back! They have broken the silence after 2 years and 3 months and made an all-kill on various music charts as soon as they made their comeback.

This week on “Star Q10,” the 5 members of Big Bang will be asked 10 questions about themselves. If you have any questions about Big Bang then please leave a comment.

Among the comments that you guys will leave, we’ll pick one comment and will have it answered through the show. The episode of SBS E!TV “Star Q10″ will be aired on April 13th.

See the preview below:

Source: Nate + happyrichlife0818@YT via BigBangWORLD

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