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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kim Heechul, “Missing Bottom” fashion reflected off the TV… Red Underwear?

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Boy group Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul revealed a true ‘missing bottom’ fashion by mistake.
Last 9th, Kim Heechul tweeted a picture of a performance of girl group “Girl’s Day’ on TV.
He also wrote “Girl’s Day – Bbanjjak Bbanjjak, KimHeechul Youngstreet guests. They come today. I am close with Girl’s Day. Why are my hands shaking"
However, not only a shaken picture of the Girl’s Day’s performance was taken. If you look carefully, the reflection of Kim Heechul taking the picture is also revealed. Moreover, he is wearing shorts which seem like boxers that are red.
Netizens commented “You can see Kim Heechul from the reflection off the TV”, “He is wearing a white shirt and red underpants”, “The reflection is adorable”, “Even his underwear fashion is Kim heechul like”.
Kim Heechul is a DJ on SBS FM “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet”. He has been frequently updating his twitter and interacting with fans all over the world. He has over 3 million followers, and is one of the people with most followers in Korea along with novelist Lee Waesoo, Kim Jaedong and Super Junior’s Donghae.
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