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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

KBS Bans 4minute And Rania’s “Spread Leg” Dance

Best part of the video? Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

We’re actually surprised broadcast stations allowed the choreography to be be preformed in the first place.

When Rania and 4minute‘s provocative choreography was revealed through their music videos, most of our readers thought the same thing — how long will it take before the dance is banned?

Music Bank‘s PD announced today that any groups who do not remove that portion of the choreography from their dance will not be allowed on Music Bank because of the show’s influence on younger viewers.

4minute’s agency put up a fight at first but has decided to change the dance. Rania’s agency has not made a statement yet.

Was the PD’s decision fair?

Source: [Nate] via MTV K

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