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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Big Bang "Most Beastly Man" to be revealed in Star Q 10

We can easily fall in love with the masculinity oozed out by BIGBANG members. On SBS E!TV ‘Star Q10’, their masculine charm will be shown. We just cannot miss the charm expressed by the right star figures.

Recently, it has become a trend among idols to own a breathtaking body. Now, the male groups who have well-shaped back muscles and chocolate abs have been receiving popular admiration. However, who can catch the eyes of the public as much as BIGBANG for they have come back like strong winds with their balanced and charismatic figure?

In this episode of ‘Star Q 10’, different aspects of BIGBANG will be tested and analysed which spices up the programme even more, the area of testing their masculinity by setting this adjective as a question keyword attracts attention specifically.

According to the producer, BIGBANG will choose the ‘most beastly man’ among them by showing how they can capture the heart of the women with their sexy body in the stage performances. Moreover, in this episode of ‘Star Q10’, by asking 10 kinds of questions with various keywords, the different sides of these talented idols will be revealed too.

The focus of this programme is understanding the idols by questions with keywords which is the first show to employ such kind of technique domestically. The aim of it is to make an in-depth analysis of them.

You can watch SBS E!TV at 7:30 pm on Wednesday.

Source: enternews
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates

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